Who is the Most Powerful Avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe or in Endgame?

Avengers Endgame is recently released and I’m so hyped to discuss this topic with you guys today we’ve been waiting for  Endgame to really get into making power level articles for the Avengers and it’s finally time we’ve already pumped out some Marvel cinematic universe article that you may be interested like how powerful as ego and how powerful these Odin but now we can finally discuss the power levels of the Avengers to find out who is it once and for all the strongest Avenger.

Obviously, this Article contains massive spoilers for Avengers and game so if you have not seen the film and care about spoilers go ahead and leave now not kidding that this is your last warning everything after this sentence is straight up fireball the spoiler doesn’t say that you.

Powerful Avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe or in Endgame?

During this article we will be discussing both official vendors such as Thor and Iron Man as well as on official members such as ant man and doctor strange although at this point I would just consider everyone an Avenger considering that during the final battle of the film Captain America uttered his famous catchphrase Avengers assemble and we do have a lot of viable options here for captain Marvel Iron Man scarlet witch doctor strange the whole ant man and even Captain America.

Let’s start with someone I think we can all agree probably isn’t in the conversation for top three but definitely had a massive power in in this film ant man or maybe it’s time to finally start referring to him as giant man after all almost all of his significant strength beats take place when he is a giant previously ant man was pretty strong you defeated yellow jacket who had a more advanced suit than he did he defeated falcon and during civil war he could take on team Ironman almost by itself.

Ant Man or Giant man Avengers Endgame

Easily knocked out spiderman with a backhand during that fight he ripped apart jets and use trucks as his personal skateboard during the events of ant man and walks not bad but certainly not in the discussion of strongest Avenger until now during the final battle against Thanos and his army giant manta casually destroys a little biased in with a single punch which at one point was the most impressive hold feet in the MCU.

Giant man even appeared to do this with more ease than the whole also giant man giant stone cold obsidian the character that was fighting three V. one against leading edge Iron Man Spiderman and Wong and was handling them free easily despite you know losing his arm also keep in mind that call had fought evenly withhold buster version two and was easily able to rip it to shreds so big props to my man Scott Lang who cemented himself as one of the top two years in the Avengers up next let’s discuss the whole.

Unfortunately, he appeared to be weaker in this film in terms of strength as compared to previous iterations you know from a statement from the Russo brothers that hold is equal to a base then some terms of strength but then this was never physically harmed by putting in the gauntlet at its full strength take that like a champ.

Spider man and Iron man Avengers Endgame

Even took a direct blast from force lightning immediately afterwards during infinity war but hold.

Well hold just couldn’t handle it okay even had the advantage of the energy admitting from of the stones being gamma radiation and its still clearly hurt him quite a bit we have another article upcoming that we’ll discuss some theories around why we think this happened but as it stands can’t really be considered the most powerful.

Another character who is aunt in this film but probably doesn’t reach the peak of the Avengers power is Iron man with his newest suit he was able to take more punishment than we ever had before and dealt out death like ideal out elves and our debate channel of course with the gauntlet iron man’s power is aimed to insane levels but the amount of damage he takes as a result obviously filaments is overall effectiveness being able to make analysts believe it is no small feat and his new suit makes it even more powerful but there are just stronger Avengers that we need to discuss.

Iron Man Avengers Endgame

All right so now it’s time to get into the real heavy hitters I would consider the following characters all in the running for the most powerful Avenger but I won’t give my final judgment until the end of the article.

let’s begin with everyone’s favourite bearded beast for short fortunately it like the whole for actually got weaker between infinity war and game tool-wielding the only or in store breaker would easily make him the strongest if he was in his prime but definitely not he’s overweight out of shape to be honest it was probably a little buzzed while fighting in the final battle.

So let’s ignore fat for and discuss infinity war for let’s begin by taking a look at the infinity stones the collector who is the most knowledgeable character in the Marvel cinematic universe on the capabilities of the infinity stones states that the infinity stones can only be wielded by beings of extraordinary strength and that the stones are able to destroy the entire civilization additionally.

Fat Thor Avengers Endgame

She’ll believes this based on has the potential energy to wipe out the planet in four states that the mind stone could unleash more devastation then what scarlet witch saw in her vision of Ultron which in layman’s terms means that each one of them could probably destroy a planet or at least these three specific stones we’ve seen the power stone annihilate a planet and crumble a moon about four has also stated that Thanos destroyed Xandar with the power of the towering stone alone.

There’s no debate that anyone wielding the power stone has planetary destructive capabilities, the other stones might be debatable if you don’t want to go off of just statements but we know that the majority of the stones are able to create massive energy blast.

So with all of that said four is able to let’s stay in those in through an attack from all six infinity stones with his store breaker Russo’s have stated that Thanos didn’t know storm breaker was coming his way and if he did he would have been able to use the stones in a better way to react to storm breaker.

Black Widow Avengers Endgame

In my opinion, this blast from fan knows at a low ball is planetary which would make for striking power with storm breaker planetary which is pretty damn impressive the next top tier we need to discuss is captain Marvel herself and you need to put those torches and pitchforks away because the girl was barely even in  Endgame you have nothing to complain about she was awesome and the first thing we need to consider is Carol’s power came indirectly from the tesseract in the form of the light speed engine which was designed to allow the scroll race to get as far away from the free as possible.

This was achieved by wielding the space manipulation of the space stone and using that to Horace photons a photon is a type of elementary particle which has zero rest mass and always moves at the speed of light within a vacuum.

Using the power of photons the light speed engine would allow the scrolls to travel faster than anything I thought possible capable of traversing the multiple galaxies in almost no time Carol is able to wield this energy to create photon blasts and fly at incredible speeds making her the fastest character in the and see you in terms of travel speed by millions and millions of times over now keep in mind this does not factor into combat.

So her enhanced strength and durability come from the free blood flowing through her veins and it seems to be further enhanced by the light speed engine energy as she is taking multiple blasts from Santos is command ship which was just destroying all the other Avengers pullover. She also took a head bought from Santos which rag doll characters like Iron Man Carol didn’t even flinch after taking this head the only thing that really harms her was a punch from Santos amp to possibly planetary levels by the power stone in terms of strength in attack potency she was able to trade blows with analysts around the final battle and she completely demolished to ship the sanctuary to with no trouble at all.

Doctor Strange Avengers Endgame

Now let’s talk about the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange when one of the best showings out of all the characters who took on Thanos in one V. one Dennis was pressed hard and had to use every single infinity stone that he had at the time to keep up with doctor strange who wasn’t even using the time stone in this battle so this was a suppressed version of strange was essentially just going through the motions to ensure that the future that he saw came to fruition.

He knew that he had the Lusitano city new Iron Man with as well taking that into consideration and the fact that he was facing in arguably one of the strongest versions of standards that we’ve seen doctor strange’s just not to be messed with Hillary at his disposal along with the natural talent he has with the mystic arts allowed him to defeat chi silliest Loki indoor Mahmoud the most powerful being in the Marvel cinematic universe strange clearly deserves to be in the conversation.

Next we have one of the real surprises of end game Scarlet Witch we’ve always known that she was powerful but her confidence was her true in her early showing she was able to tear through all Tron chest with her magic but other times struggle like when attempting to contain a blast during the opening scene of civil war after gaining more confidence throughout the Marvel cinematic universe.

Scarlet Witch Avengers Endgame

She began to really show her strength she was able to completely dominate vision she was able to destroy an infinity stone, of course, she held back then was briefly while destroying that infinity stone it was generally accepted by the power scaling and versus battle community that there this was definitely holding back heavily in Wakanda as there was no way he could lose and that’s pretty obvious.

I never thought that he was going all out to get through one this blast but he did have to exert some force but an end game that she shows just how powerful she truly is she was not only able to keep up with Stannis in hand to hand combat but she was able to completely overwhelm him with her pure power causing him to rain down fire from his command ship to get free there’s no doubt in my mind that if she wasn’t knocked back by these Blas but she definitely would have for the vandals heart.

Final Avenger in consideration is the man himself Steve Rogers the captain, the nomad, the wielder of America’s. Captain America finally worthy of me only which we will have a post on as well detail in a moment that he became worthy but back to its power.

Captain America Avengers Endgame

Because Captain America was worthy he instantly received a stat boost to his speed durability and of course is strength making him on par with pre awakening for but at the same time better in every way cap seems to have an instant mastery with me only you’re using it in unison with the shield a hit Daniels with devastating combo.

This is likely due to the fact that cap is the most skilled fighter in the M. C. U. besides possibly Thanos himself being so masterful in combat this significant state boost instantly makes him much more deadly than free awaken four but not only was he able to expertly wheeled me only here and the shield in tandem.

He was also able to call down lightning as easily as a weakened floor they dose was so impressed with cap that he brought down his army out of what I felt was fear for his life so much respect for our boy from Brooklyn so now that we’ve laid out all the possibilities and looked at all the evidence who is the most powerful of.

In my opinion it’s the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange considering how he was able to contend with a war stone panels phone not even using its own infinity stone is incredible without the infinity stones at Santos had doctor strange would easily be the mad tight without the power stone and space stone Dennis had no countered that the mere dimension without the power stone in Seoul stone he had no counter to doctor strange’s duplication spell in the Eldridge with And without the reality.

Space stones he would have been on able to close the distance between himself and the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange has all of these belts and more available to him in his base form while being relative to every other Avenger on the list in terms of speed is fast arsenal spells would allow him to defeat any single one of them pretty easily.

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