Some Wow! Facts That You Didn’t Know about “Tom Holland”

You may know him as a new was spiderman but there’s a lot more to him than that welcome to FilmyGeek and today we’re counting down our picks for the top five things you didn’t know about Tom Holland.

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  • he was born in London because Tom Holland has done such a convincing job with his American accent and Captain America civil war and spiderman homecoming dance may not realize it he’s actually British. Stark what should I do what we discussed to keep your distance weapon much okay come. He was born on June first nineteen ninety-six in the southwest area of London called Kingston upon the Thames he comes from an artistic family with his mother working as a photographer and his father a comedian and author. Colin won’t be the first brit to play the iconic role Andrew Garfield also hails from England but pulled off the American accent in the two thousand twelve flicks.
  • He rolls with the big dogs, What time maybe a fresh face in Hollywood he already has some pretty serious credentials under his belt many will call two thousand seventeen fighter man his breakout role but he had a pretty important part in two thousand twelve the impossible where he starred alongside Naomi watts and you won the Gregor after the film was released Holly was awarded a breakthrough performance female by the national board of review he also had a part in two thousand fifteen in the heart of the sea where he worked with Thor.
  • He’s Always been a spiderman fan, Yeah I feel like I’ve been playing Spiderman in my bedroom since I was five you actually post a photo this is you holding up I like it this is one your spiderman sure. Like most kids Tom hall and went through a superhero phase but unlike most people he’s living history by playing one his mom save one of his childhood spider man sure at the evidence that he was destined for the role now Holland is giving back to other young stands at this web-slinging superhero by visiting children’s hospitals in costume. And giving them the chance to meet the real-life Spiderman.

Tom Holland


  • He’s the youngest to take on the role, Parker has been depicted as a high school student in all of the modern spiderman films. Typically the actors have been significantly older than the character Tobey Maguire was twenty-seven when spiderman was released in two thousand two and Andrew Garfield was twenty-nine when the amazing spiderman came out in two thousand twelve Tom hall and on the other hand, is significantly closer in age to the high school Spidey he’s playing. At just twenty-one, this will make homecoming feel more believable as Hollywood has a tendency to pick older actors for the younger part.
  • His background is in musical theatre and amateur stunts has been dancing from a young age starting with hip hop classes taken at the nifty feet dance school in two thousand six well he was performing with the school he was scattered by a choreographer named Lynn page who was affiliated with Billy Elliot the musical after many auditions and years of training Holland finally made his stage debut as Billy’s best friend Michael but was soon cast in the place to chiller role on stage how to really concentrate I’d like to have in myself.

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