Some Signs That make You a Gryffindor of Harry Potter

Even models need to be sorted welcome to FilmyGeek and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 5 signs you’re a Gryffindor.

For this list, we’re looking at qualities that non-magical folk display that indicates they would totally be sorted into Gryffindor house except the.

harry potter gryffindor

1. You’re free full killed patterns. He was nothing more than a manager. You must be very brave to mention his name we all know that daring nerve and she’ll reset Gryffindor apart what does that mean in the real world we don’t all have dragons to fight and basilisks to slay bravery can exist in less obvious ways as well like taking risks in your career standing up to a bully even by participating in extreme sports you never back down from a deer or challenge never let your fear show even when you’ve likely felt it. I won’t let you’ll get Griffin going to trouble again. I’ll tell you-you approach every situation head on and don’t necessarily worry about being prepared you will always speak up for yourself and those around you. Anyone have focused.

2. People think your an extrovert lately there’s been a lot of talk in pop culture about introverts and extroverts and while there’s no hard and fast rule prefer indoors almost always appear to be extroverts the project self-confidence and are graded meeting new people and making friends. A really successful not. While they may value there a long time often the life of the party. Yeah. Even if you’re not truly extroverted but are rather an outgoing introvert it’s very likely that your Gryffindor well there’s always room for L. buyers with the reins raven claws and humble pops all tend to be quieter and more self-reliant.

harry potter gryffindor

3. You’re I do work Gryffindor never want to sit around and let others take charge especially when there’s a problem that needs resolving they’re always leading the pack in getting things done even if it means leaving the planning to the wayside. They’d much rather take action than waste time talking things over there’s nothing that makes Gryffindor more frustrated than having to wait around doing nothing when friends talk over their problems with you-you may have a hard time simply listening because you want to jump straight to helping them work things out well when the time comes to act you sure make for an invaluable ally those on this list about doing something real. Was all this was the. Maybe you don’t have to do so by simply.

4. You love adventure. While models may not be able to experience the same level of adventure that Hogwarts students do it’s probably for the best that you are constantly being thrust into dangerous situations involving forbidden forest 3 headed dogs and one being willow’s if you’re a real-world Griffin nor you probably take pleasure in trying new things B. and strange new cuisines for that epic new roller coaster at your local amusement park. Also, likely love to travel because you constantly yearn for unique and exciting new experiences chances are that you’re the last one to turn in when going out as you’re always hoping that your neck will take ever more interesting directions.


harry potter gryffindor

5. You have strong moral. The riff indoors whether in the wizarding world or not have a clear sense of morality and can also view the world in black and white their feelings about what is right and what is wrong are set in stone and they will always stand up for the things they believe it he was the first. He betrayed them. It was. They will put themselves in danger if it means fighting for what’s right.

This can sometimes be to your detriment if you are open to hearing other people stances and opinions at least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in thank awesome show talents. No one of your opinions. My blood if you’re an activist or spend a significant portion of your time and energy defending your causes you are definitely a true Gryffindor hello. So according to you said your degree don’t get his own of course degrees death was a tragic accident it was murder bold okay I’ll give you must.

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