Kim Kardashian Becoming a Lawyer without attending law school

When it comes to being a lawyer Kim Kardashian has one goal. To change lives there have been multiple reports the keeping up with the Kardashians star and her legal team have helped seventeen inmates serving life sentences without parole for low-level drug offences gain freedom okay geeky the prisoner releases for these individuals are all part of a campaign called ninety days of freedom.

Since Kim technically isn’t allowed to practice law just yet lawyers have been handling the cases, while she’s been finding the campaign and prepping for her bar exam according to camp her desire to be a lawyer all started with sixty-three-year-old Alice Marie Johnson Johnson was given a life sentence for a nonviolent drug-related crime.

When Kardashian heard about this she arranged a meeting at the White House with president Donald Trump in may twenty eighteen with help from the start truck made Johnson his six active clemency a week later and she was finally released from prison but after successfully helping Johnson.

He later tweeted I could just stop that one case it’s time for real systemic change and it looks like there is no slowing Kim and her legal team down individuals such as Jeffrey stringer Terence bird and Eric Balcom who all received harsh prison sentences have been released.

Thanks to their house well some of told the soon to be the mother of four to stay in her lane it actually makes sense that Kim wants to become a lawyer her dad Rob Kardashian was a famous lawyer in its own right.

Kim Kardashian Becoming a Lawyer without attending law school

She doesn’t even have to go to law school California says a four year apprenticeship is good enough to take the bar exam in order to practice law in the state the beauty vocal took to Instagram in April to describe the hard work she is putting into her new career path saying for the next four years at a minimum of eighteen hours a week is required.

She works all day but her kids to bed and spend her nights studying she adds, “I disconnected from everyone because I’ve made the strict commitment to follow a dream of mine”, the stars hard work has already scored for a job offer from Rob Shapiro a lawyer who also worked with her father Kim currently has an apprenticeship with an Oakland based organization and is working with CNN commentator van Jones and attorney Jessica Jackson to complete her studies Kardashian hopes to take the bar exam in twenty twenty-two.

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